Monday, May 16, 2016

3D Pong Extreme 1.6.0

Planet grids evil has landed on the planet pong pceful fields and down your back in a puddle of goo in excess bouncing and melting, with your trusty paddle, you can save them.

30 seconds to save the world from nine levels to survive! 3D Pong extremely butiful graphics, an original soundtrack and sound effects. Control with mouse or board. Brkout blocks at a time, power-ups, power downs, and multiple balls make it more difficult.

Full install / uninstall support, and setting a utility to set your screen resolution to allow and what works best for you, or sound effects, music, or turn off mouse support that color depth (H D / widescreen modes are supported).
Author: k0debl0x
Size: 21.9 MB
os: Win 8/Win 7/ Vista
Free Download

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