Monday, May 16, 2016

Army of Darkness Defense v1.0.0 APK

Army of DarknessDefense
STRIKE KNIGHT and NINJUMP comes the definitiveArmy of DarknessIn this tug-of-war, casualdefensegame based on the MGMclassic , you play Ash, the time-traveling, evil-fighting, S-Martsales clerkas you defend Lord Arthur's castle and the Necronomicon from the oncoming hordes of evil undd. Of course, you can't do it alone! Call upon multitudes of allies including Lord Arthur, Duke Henry the Red, the Wiseman,and many moreto help you in your quest to defend the unholy book and use it to return to your own time.ARMY OF DARKNESS:DEFENSEtakes the witty charm of the cultclassic movind combines it with gorgeous graphics and innovative casual gameplay that is certain to entertain any mobile gamer. So, remember the magic words and make sure your shoelace is tied, because this is going to be an epic battle!

Bruce Campbell as Ash WilliamsButiful, fullyanimated graphicsA wide variety of allies to summon including swordsmen, armored knights, archers, and more50 initial waves and an unlockable endless waveMore than 100 hilarious quotes from the Countless hoards of dditesOriginally composed music scoreTons of special abilities including the boomstick, the chainsaw, the '88 dthcoasterand many morespellsAll of your favorite characters including Arthur, Henry, Sheila, the Wiseman, Evil Ash,and many more!
Required Android OS:2.1 and up


Army of Darkness Defense APK

Army of Darkness Defense APK

Install apk and play. . .

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