Monday, May 16, 2016

BBM for iOS

BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) in rl time, for free instant messages, photos, and contact is the best way to crte and share.
Is always on and always on the BBM contact - do not open the appliion
I know that the message was delivered (e) and (R s) rd
Share photos and audio files, documents and more notes
CONTACTS see when you reply to your message.
Icons for ch mood and feelings that express yourself
To protect your privacy BBM allows. You can control it:
It is more personal than the of pins phone or e-mail address is used BBM, and you can always control who can contact you - how you choose to share your information
With BBM connected appliions, appliions can in your BBM chat with friends and join in on the fun or the right to an invitation to download the program from the appliion to determine communiions BBM.
Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Travel app and BBM connected world appliions. If you update your status with Facebook, tweet, share itinerary or without ever lving the BBM-related appliions, and communiions appliions directly BBM

Group - BBM groups, members of this group with your own s, lists, appointments and to help share. You are also not part of your contact list BBM, which can be in a group with people.
Multi-person chats - to interact with ch other to invite multiple names.
Broadcasting - more than one time in the telecommuniions BBM messages send a message.
Size:24.2 MB
Free Download

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