Monday, May 16, 2016

cFosSpeed - Version 9.64 Free Download

cFosSpeed now sily start and configure Wi-Fi access point (or close) a context menu option.
PC is connected to the router via WiFi you for ad hoc Wi-Fi access points can share a single card. Alternatively, only the PC to the router via a network cable is connected to the WiFi access point can use Wi-Fi adapter. In this case, the bandwidth Wi-Fi mobile devices such as smart or tablet, is available as complete.
cFosSpeed - Version 9.64 Free Download
cFosSpeed installed on the computer, data from the Layer 7 protocol detection, wifi and cFosSpeed is routed through, cFosSpeed can prioritize traffic. Often such as VoIP or strming music or smart and tablets for traffic, use, so it cFosSpeed with PC and PC to your mobile device and route traffic to a Wi-Fi adapter is recommended.

What's new in this version:
Added VDSL as a source. And turn the adapter MTU setting can result in a speed incrse of 2%.
UNKNOWN_BULK unknown connections and protocols only after the protocol name of the program and are in competition with.
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Size :5 MB
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