Monday, May 16, 2016

Circus World Free Download Game

Roll up roll up! Become an entrepreneur and develop your own travelling circus into the grtest show on rth!With over 30 different acts available youâ?™ll need to hire and fire performers to keep your visitors entertained. As the money rolls in you can invest in bigger acts, purchase sideshows, invest in marketing campaigns and upgrade to a much more impressive circus tent!As you progress youll need to book venues being cautious of wther conditions, injuries to your performers and your outgoing expenses.Prove yourself and build your circus into a worldwide sensational spectacle!
[Ftures]Customisable food and gift stands allow you to set the prices of items purchased from visitorsTake your circus around the world, visiting the UK, France, Italy, Spain, America, Australia, and Scandinavia.Watch shows from the ringside in free roam mode or get in close with the action cam!Over 30 different acts from jugglers, knife throwers, and human canon balls to trained animals.[Screenshot]

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