Monday, May 16, 2016

Dd Island: Riptide – Black Box FREE FULL DOWNLOAD GAME

Dd Island Riptide picks up right where the original game left off, with the same four survivors, Sam B, Xian Mei, Logan Carter and Purna. Because of a tropical storm the chopper crashes. The crew land on a military ship where, due to a raging monsoon and the fact that our survivors are infected, an all-new zombie outbrk occurs onboard. This forces players to flee the ship or the ship runs aground (media reports are conflicting). The survivors end up on the island of Palanai in the South Pacific. Palanai includes the city of HendersonJoining the four survivors from the last game is a fifth character, John Morgan. John is a Navy ship cook, however he trained himself in hand-to-hand combat.
In a flooded church in the middle of a jungle, the only way to get to the next ar is by going through some tunnels undernth the church. So in Brching the Tunnels quest, the player must carry a water pump to the church.They must them get the water pump going to clr the tunnel, which causes a lot of noise, and requires the player to fend off incoming zombies for several minutes while the water is clring.
Players need supplies to set up their defenses, and have travel by boat to scavenge hvy wponry and supplies from the downed chopper. The players must also find gas for the water pump..

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