Monday, May 16, 2016

DTH DOME 2.1.2 Full Versions APK + DATA Free Dowload

Game View :

DTH DOME famous game Glu recently described new work continuously, before they launched a product called "Dth Dome game, the game style is like" Infinity Blade "and" No Man's Land "Both popular masterpiece combination.

This production is an action game in the operation and "Infinity Blade" is similar to the protagonist of one-on-one battle with the enemy, players can through a variety of gestures to launch a series of bloody violence combos, Block Dodge Finally, one of brutal finishing moves around the enemy.

In the cities of the virus raging against the monster! Can you survive in the "Dth of the impasse" it?

No one rlly remember from the source of the disaster and where ... but the moment ... had all over the city. "M" virus ... mostly people infected symptoms and rapid dth within a few days ... but there are not so lucky. The mutation of the virus throughout the city. Of those infected are forced isolation in Para Mira biochemical dome ar. Some people joke that ar as a "safe zone", but we all know very well, that is actually a dome of dth. "M" virus in the dth of the dome ar to flourish, eventually strong to be freed from the host to survive independently, can become strong enough to ... monster!

The only thing I remember is the name of the Phoenix, and other things, previous experience have been unable to remember ... the only thing I know is the monster is not wiped out they will never lifted the dome of dth, we can only I All these variants kill ... only me!

Click HereInstructions :

Extract & install Apk
Copy Data On Folder to sdcard/Android/obb
Launch The Game

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