Monday, May 16, 2016

Flash Player

Flash Player is a player, cross-platform appliion runtime that provides uncompromised viewing of expressive appliions, content, and s across screens and browsers.
Flash support to block access to content that is now available on mobile , including smart and tablets, as well as Android, content protection is supported at this time on a tablet powered. The BlackBerry Tablet OS note: To access Flash for iOS is not supported at this time.
Improving access Flash content protection.
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Protection ftures include access to new content, blink support support obligation V3 domain and enhanced output protection and filtration rotating equipment.
HTTP Dynamic Strming Prevention (HDS) provides protection for strming on the screen, eliminating the complexity of servers that implement.
How NetStrm.close () except that it has eliminated the final frame to support the object NetStrm. Use this command instd NetStrm.close () if NetStrm to be reused for other strm below requires a collection of frames and objects related decompressor. The will show a blank after using this method.
H.264 / AVC software encoding for cameras (desktop).Strming quality from your camera to your computer with the compression efficiency and better support the stanard allows communiion in rl time, to be involved, such as chat / conference room and .
OS : (all)
File size:16.7 MB
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