Monday, May 16, 2016

Free Download Game Bch lif

It’s time to slather on the suntan lotion, slip on your t-shirt, and hd down to the bch for an epic summer holiday!From feverish flings to drunken fights to savage shark attacks, with Bch Life you will experience all the plsure and pain of running your very own holiday resort. In Bch Life, you are in charge of crting a tropical playground teeming with water , clubs, bars, restaurants and much much more. Once developed, kick back and watch all of your guests’ hedonistic holiday fun in the sun.The more fun they have, the more fun you have!
[Ftures]Experience all the fun and excitement of an Ibiza holiday without the hangovers, sun, bad food and club reps.Build the ultimate tropical paradise on 12 unique islands using over 50 different structures from bungalows, niglubs and hot tubs to souvenir shops, casinos and water parks.Live vicariously through your island vaioners enjoying such entertaining events as wet t-shirt contests, talent competitions, DJ gigs, and a moored party boat.Burst out laughing at your partying guests’ hilarious antics such as dancing, flirting, kissing, drunken brawls and much more…Crte the most sought-after tropical getaway by skillfully fulfilling the demands of your sun-seeking guests, ch with individual needs and desires.Expertly manage a full staff including resort reps, lifeguards, security personnel, construction workers and more.Party to the cool bts of Bch Life’s soundtrack or crte your own using the in-game player.Quench your voyeuristic thirst by tracking your islanders with the aid of a built-in camera with zoom lens. Take photos of your favorite vaion moments to print or email to friends.[Screenshot]

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