Monday, May 16, 2016


And 1 new GameBoost sets the standard for personal computers and the Internet and improve the software. Based off of our GameGain and Throttle products. GameBoost incrses overall speed and squeezes out every last bit of performance your computer and internet connection is capable of. It is very sy to use, fully compliant with all versions of ® and compatible with your computer specifiions. Take your PC and your existing Internet connection to new levels to run games faster. Bring the game to the next level.

Makes direct changes to system registry and system files to enhance memory, screen drawing, animations, refresh rates, and, fast CPU speed Internet strings.
Automatically adjusts settings and changes made based on computer specifiions and Internet system implemented on tolerance with full error.
Proven technology which can double the frames per second degree in games such as id Software ® DOOM 3 and similar shooters.
In-depth analysis and diagnostic ftures which attempt to find and repair any potential problems with the computer affecting its performance.
OS support: (all)
File size:1.6 MB
Free Download

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