Monday, May 16, 2016


After being rescued by Captain Morgan and his pirate crew, they set off to find and reunite with her old friends. Aboard the ship, the Morning Star, Heileen ponders on what she’ll like to do with her life. Along the way she will meet new characters, discover additional things about her old friends and maybe lrn a profession thanks to the new skills system. The Virtues/Sins gameplay introduced in the second game is also present: every choice in the game will change Heileen’s personality, in a wide array of possibilities. Saint or sinner? That will be up to you to decide!
Ftures :Four datble romances: during the game you can romance Morgan, John, Jonathan or the new face Sebastian. ch new romance comes with unique scenes and a special ending ;Dating sim gameplay: the third chapter of Heileen plays like a dating/stat-raising sim, with lots of different skills to lrn;Sins/Virtues system: the Sins/Virtues system is back! ch choice in the game matters, every choice is important to shape Heileen’s personality;14 unique Profession Endings: decide Heileen’s future by lrning one of the 14 available professions and unlock a special ending for ch of them;Level Up: like in a RPG, you need to level up your basic skills to have access to the advanced skills, requiring more strategy to play Lots of unique scenes: fturing a game story much longer than the previous two titles combined together!;The game also includes an original theme song composed by Matthew Myers and performed by Kathleen “Irulanne” Boucher.Screenshot

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