Monday, May 16, 2016

Krush Kill N Destroy 2 Krossfire Free Full Download Game

This planet ain’t big enough for the three of you.The rth’s surface may be nothing more than a t out hell hole but the Survivors, the Evolved, and the Series 9 robots still want it rl bad and they’re willing to have a whole new Armageddon to get it. Now’s your chance to stake your claim to what’s left of the planet. Send in your anaconda tanks and enforcers, counter the Survivors’ hi-tech armies with mutant lo-tech mastodons and giant scorpions, or hit the fields and rp some serious body count with Series 9 seeders and weed killers.[Ftures]Three compelling and unique factions, ch with their own personalities: the deformed Survivors, the smug Survivalists, and the Series 9 killer machines.
51 open ended missions and a complete mission editor ensure that the war stays hot and frenzied.
Hordes of air, land, and amphibious units for ch faction, ch with their own individual character, strengths, and wknesses.
Killer lice that gives you the fight of your life as it understands technology, attacks and defends for maximum damage, and retrts when the going gets too rough, all without .

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