Monday, May 16, 2016

Miam-Player 0.7.0 Beta Download

Listen to audio files and playlists within a user-friendly management.
UserFully customizable themes, icons, fonts, colors, size of objects, etc.
Rd (including hedging) edit tags in the player. Do so or to a file
Time to quickly browse your library "go to"
Miam-Player 0.7.0 Beta Download
Support drag and drop the file system of the player. Also, another drag a playlist
Files are not properly labeled good in terms of built-in file explorer
Player, progress bar, overlay icon to control 7 and 8, support thumbnail button: System plug-ins to extend the possibilites Player.
Author: Matthieu Bachelier
Size: 52.6 MB
Requires: Win 8/Win 7
Free Download

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