Monday, May 16, 2016

NTI and Maker 7.0 Free Download

NTI and Maker 7.0NTI and Maker 7.0 (NewTech Infosystems, Inc.) have relsed new and Maker 7 Titanium Suite which includes nine programs ( and -Maker Platinum™, Home -Maker™, Backup NOW!®, Playback software, Fit™, File™, Jewelcase Maker™, Wave Editor™ and Music Cafe™).NTI and Maker 7.0 Free DownloadNTI has been around since 1993 and continues to offer a variety of powerful / recording, authoring and backup appliions. The new suite of products simplify capture, editing, still picture compilation and ing of and media. Tools for backing up files as well as backing up unprotected discs are provided. Full support for dual layer s is also included. The main user interface provides access to all of the appliions from a single screen. By simply moving the cursor over the ar of interest, several options available to the user will be displayed.
The egories are Audio, Data, , Photo, Backup or Copy. This could very well be one of the best dls available for multimedia users. This Software is Published In www.ExeGames.Net By Siraj Ali. The & -Maker™ 7 Titanium Suite software comes on a single and automatically launches the main install menu when inserted into a computer. We first installed the software on our VAIO Laptop (PCV-K23) to check out some of the ftures. The installation menu allows users to install & -Maker™ 7, Home -Maker and NTI’s Playback software separately. Since our laptop lacked a , we also tested the software on our Vaio (PCV-RZ22G) desktop machine, which gave us more resources.In both cases, the installation was simple and went without a hitch. The software comes on a single install . ch of the three items listed in the install menu must be installed separately or they will not be enabled in the main menu. The package also includes a QuickStart Guide that briefly explains how to use ch of the various appliions included with this suite of programs.NTI and Maker 7.0 Free Download

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