Monday, May 16, 2016

OpenVPN 2.3.6

OpenVPN client and server certifies using a pre-shared secret ( static mode) or security (Public mode SSL / TLS) with a conventional encryption. OpenVPN also unencrypted / TCP UDP tunnel support.
OpenVPN is available on most platforms the virtual network interface TUN / TAP is designed to work with.
Overall, OpenVPN is IPSec, but with a relatively light footprint is to offer many of the ftures.
With OpenVPN, you can:OpenVPN Free Download For A single UDP or TCP port tunnel any IP subnetwork or virtual ethernet adapter,
, VPN clients can handle thousands of dynamic connections to one or more of the machines through a scalable, load-balanced configuration VPN server farm
Passing through the Internet to protect private networks encryption OpenSSL library traffic, authentiion, and use all the ftures of certifiion,
Supported by the OpenSSL library (datagram integrity checking) zero, the size, or HMAC digest Use
Conventional static encryption based or public cryptography based on certifies to choose from,
, Static, pre-shared or TLS-based dynamic exchange Use
Link To manage the use of the bandwidth compression connection and traffic adaptive formulation in rl time,
Among the public endpoints are dynamic such as DHCP or dial network users tunnel,
The firewall rules using connection-oriented stateful firewalls without having to tunnel through the network,
Developer:James Yonan
OS support:/Mac
File size:1.7 MB
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