Monday, May 16, 2016


Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Nominated for GameSpot's "Best mobile game of 2011 and finaly ranked in the top five! Enter a world overrun by hordes of monsters. Explore trap-filled dungeons and face mighty bosses. Collect piles of trsure and items and invest in dozens of abilities and unlockable equipment. Test your skills against the oncoming darkness.

Pocket RPG is a dual-stick action dungeon-crawler. In it you can choose from three distinct classes, ch with their own combat style.

The Blade Master:
A duel wielding melee specialist. He survives by clring swathes of enemies with ch of his mighty strikes. He has devastating special moves which skillful players will be able to use to decimate their foes.

The Dark Ranger.
A ddly archer who can summon waves of arrows that bounce, seek and split. Perforate your enemies with dense walls of arrowy dth.

The Battle Mage
A powerful, but fragile, nuker who controls the forces of fire, etherl, ice and lightning to obliterate groups of enemies. Charge up her spells to critical levels and unlsh maximum destruction.

ch quest in Pocket RPG is a new adventure. The hero starts at level zero with an empty sachel and collects items and rapidly builds their strength to dizzying proportions. Pocket RPG is not a "my s bt your s" game. Items matter and the way you use them is even more important.

Ftures :

- Random level eration.
- Amazing stylized 3D environments, monsters and characters.
- 3 Character classes 3 different playing styles.
- Dual stick for moving and attacks.
- Automatic skills/stat progression based on the items your character equips.
- Lots of Looting.
- Swarms of crtures to take out with devastating combo moves.
- Boss encounters.
- Lder Boards, Achievements and Unlockables.


Filesr: Click here (DATA)

Filesr: Click here (APK)

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