Monday, May 16, 2016

SHINE RUNNER 1.3 APK Free Download

Game View :

Shine Runner is a grt rowing class game, but this time, you are not playing professional rower, but a smuggling boat driver, you will need to driving a speedboat, in borderrivers and swamps in the region in the shuttle.

The most outstanding fture of the game is rlistic physical properties, so this game is very rl. Game you need to control the boat get more coins to determine the direction of travel of the speedboat, press the left and right of the screen, the operation is not so sy oh.

Game ftures:

Physical Characteristics: - Amazing rl ship and rivers;Fully destructible environments: you can crashing into the oil drums stacked on the dock, remove the s and cottages, you even killed a chicken and crashing into the punt;Purchase and sale of contraband: In the game you need to maximize profits through smuggling;High-definition visual effects: the graphical interface of the game is very fine, butiful estuaries, swamps, mountain environment, Support HDMI brilliant world on the big screen;Support OpenFeint, you can participate in the Hall of Fame.

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