Monday, May 16, 2016

Torch Browser Download

Torch web browser share links to files, save files can be managed. With one click.
Relax with integrated ftures to download the . Browser Torch additional software to download and use the browser without having to download directly to top management tasks sier. Torch embedded browser for downloading files with the ftures it becomes sier and sier.
media GrabberGrabber media with embedded s and music in one click Save. Torch Browser and songs, but also sily from any site you go to the media does not deliver. Media Grabber Browser torch in the browser and a web that you want to save or find a song once, a wide range of file types are supported, you can sily grab and outdoor programs, without using any converters or extensions can save it. Save the multimedia computer is sy with the browser torch.
sy sharingBeing part of the torch button social is sy. Facebook and Twitter with your sites, s, songs and sharing of resrch results. Torch Browser sily on social networks, websites and you like to share interesting articles including a button integrated.
download AcceleratorTurn your media for download with a built-in download accelerator. Download Accelerator is a powerful flashlight in the browser to download media files at a faster pace.
Torch Browser free DownloadThe maximum speed of the browser accelerator torch download files in your external software, and there is no need to download and runs directly from your browser.
powerful BrowserAdhering to all your media needs a robust and sy browser. Torch browser you strong and fast srch capabilities with its experience offers an excellent browser. Being based on chromium, Torch browser navigation ftures combined with the results of resrch relevant and accurate at all times and they alrdy like and Chromium-based browsers are aware that winning add-on, is broader.
Developer:Torch Media Inc.
OS support:/Mac
File size:78.4 MB
Free Download

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