Monday, May 16, 2016

Android SDK 24.0.0

Download the Android SDK on , Mac or Linux, Android developers the tools they need to crte, test, and offers solutions to use.
Download the Android SDK Manager SDK Android uploaded using a separate downloadable package contains modular. For example, the Android platform SDK is updated or when a new version is relsed, you can download it to your environment, you can use the SDK Manager to add to the platform and packages that are described in the procedure.
Android SDK free downloadDownload the Android SDK are available in different packages The following table describes most of the packages that are available and where they are when you download them.
Packages available.
Tools SDKDebugging and testing needs to develop an app with the tools of facilities, etc. If you are installing a package from SDK, then you have the latest version of the package. Keep up to date to ensure that.
Tools SDK PlatformFor developing and debugging your appliion, depending on the platform with the device. These tools support the latest ftures of the Android platform, and always will be a new platform is available only when there are updates. These devices are backward compatible with older platforms. But only when you install the latest version of the SDK platform, these devices must be ensured.
Samples for SDK
Kind of API platform, a collection of sample appliions to demonstrate the Android app is a grt tool to browse the . In particular, the monitoring API demo, you should find a of small demo.
OS :/Mac/Linux
Size:134 MB
Free Download

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