Monday, May 16, 2016

Cherrytree 0.35.5

Cherrytree it, "notes" or "front" and something called Cherrytree program you are painting, "node" is said to store your goods in containers has been designed, which mns, appliion a "complex" is known as note taking is done. Cherrytree is the root of the document tree, and ch "node" of tree branches, twigs, the branches of a node, you will begin to get the id.

You will feel very familiar OmniNote, Kjots, Keepnote and other programs used as Cherrytree, however Cherrytree just to do lists and keep them organized, having a place to write notes about the . You though, all documents, links, s, tables can be saved. If you want to keep and all other information that may be one of you. You have stered around your hard drive every bit of information that can be sily placed in a document, Cherrytree, you can find them.
Cherrytree free download
Rich text (background color, background color, bold, italic, small H1, H2, H3, hanging, lifting, highlighting monospace).
Support for multiple programming languages, highlighting the syntax.
Mixed Media: Insert Text Edit (/ Rotate, resize) Save the file as PNG.
Embedded File Management: Enter the text recorded on the disc.
Manage the list (this needs to be done, and multi-shift switch between them).
sy to manage the table (with text cells), cut / copy / paste rows as a CSV export / import.
Management boxes: text box. (With optional syntax highlighting) to a text file on a rich, import / export of.
Text, s, tables and boxes alignment (left / center / right).
Hyperlinks to related text and s. (Attach files to a folder node / nodes brk contact + links on a page link).
Author: Giuseppe Penone
Size: 20.0 MB
os: Win 8 / Win 7 / Vista/ XP
Free Download

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