Monday, May 16, 2016

Castrol Honda Superbike Free Download PC Game Full Version

Castrol Honda Superbike PC GameCastrol Honda Superbike It isn’t a horrible game, but other than offering a strong simulation aspect, there’s not much there. Electronic Arts has proven with the Moto R series that it knows what a good motorcycle racing game is. That’s why it is so disappointing to see that Castrol Honda Superbike is so noticbly inferior. It is not a horrible game, but other than offering a strong simulation aspect, there’s not much there.Castrol Honda Superbike, as the name implies, is a racing game that exclusively ftures rl Honda RC45 racing bikes that you can race on 14 rl tracks from around the world. The game has several different settings that let you customize your bike. Most notable are the different sprocket settings that let you change your bike’s gr-ratio settings. ch gr can be adjusted so that you can tailor and maximize your motorcycle’s performance for ch track.The control of the bikes is actually quite good, especially when using the Dual Shock controller – one stick steers the bike while the other adjusts your speed. The bike rcts as it would in rl life, which mns that when you’re going around a tight turn you must take it at a rsonable speed so your bike doesn’t go slamming into a wall. If this is a problem for you, the game does offer six different difficulty settings, some of which have options that help steer your bike for you while you turn, as well as reduce your bike’s speed so that you can make the turn. The AI of the track’s seven computer-controlled bikers isn’t anything special. The bikers just race along the course in a standard staggered style so that at just about any point in the race you have someone to directly compete against. If you do decide to race this other player, the game ftures a two player hd to hd split screen mode.Installing Notes:Step 1. Download Game and Extract with WinRARStep 2. Step 3. Run “Setup.exe” 4. After installation copy the “” file and paste it in your installed drive when ask for overwrite click “YES”Step 4. Play and enjoy!Castrol Honda Superbike Free Download PC Game Full VersionRAR :

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