Monday, May 16, 2016

Commandos 1 Behind The Enemy Lines Free Download PC Game Full Version

Commandos 1 Behind The Enemy Lines PC GameCommandos 1 Behind Enemy Lines A uinely original game of tactics, planning, and precision The premise of Commandos is a model for the game itself: Just as the heroes of this game prevail in dangerous military operations through unorthodox yet undeniably effective mns, so too is Commandos a successful rl-time strategy game because of its refusal to adhere to the re’s conventions.Your six Commandos are all unique in apprance and attitude. They move smoothly whether they’re walking, crawling, running, or plying any of their ddly skills, you can lrn all about them through a fast and friendly in-game tutorial that focuses on ch of their individual skills. They’re a charismatic bunch and will quickly grow on you although their German enemies look rather boring by comparison. The Germans don’t have a lot to say either.
An unobtrusive and clever interface borders the screen, showing the various tools in the selected commando’s knapsack, any of which can be selected with the click of a mouse. However, this interface is mostly for show; it’s quicker just to hit the appropriate board hot to select your green beret’s combat knife for example – and in Commandos, every moment counts.There isn’t much music to spk of in Commandos, and the sound, though authentic, is sparse. And though the commandos sound grt and become immediately distinguishable through their speech, they have disappointingly few spking lines.Commandos contains a single linr campaign composed of 20 big missions. The linrity isn’t problematic; while there exists a best way to win ch scenario, you always get plenty of room to be especially crtive or just a little reckless. And because they’re well designed and open-ended, you’ll want to play most of them more than once.System Requirements:System= Pentium II CPU 233 MHzRAM= 64 MBSize= 56 MB Memory= 16 MBOS= 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista , 7 and 8Installing Notes:Step 1. Download Game Setup with WinRARStep 2. Use The Below to Extract the Game Setup.Step 3. Keep Visiting www.ExeGames.NetStep 4. Play andEnjoy!Commandos 1 Behind The Enemy Lines Free Download PC Game Full VersionRAR :

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